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Today was a great day. You know, despite it being Monday, my project being rejected for minor issues, and my continued lack of personal computer time. I learned a LOT today, and that’s what’s important. The most signifcant thing I learned today is that my coding instincts have been more or less right on the money. I was introduced to the Factory design paradigm, the Strategy paradigm, and the Flyweight pattern. All of these can be found on the net if you are interested. Seriously, go read them, I’ll be here when you get back.

The point of introducing these concepts is to mention that I have been blindly applying these ideas in the practices without knowing about them until today, which fills me with confidence about my own methods. Now, before this ego boost gets out of control, some other things cropped up that helped to keep me in my place. For instance, the new level system.

Our manager gathered everyone into the large room and began handing out forms. He proceeded to explain the new peer evaluation system which centers around classes and rankings. That’s right we have classes and levels in our game studio. The example Mr. Oltyan used was Software Engineer III. In order to get a raise and increased benefits, one would have to demonstrate proficiency in certain skills to advance to the next level. Multi-classing is also allowed, allowing engineers to become artists and vice-versa. How fing COOL is that?! I’m infinitely curious to see how it works out.

This puts Sage and I at Production Intern III and Programming Intern III respectively. We have been informed that leveling as an intern requires signifcantly more experience than normal, so if we come back next year, it’s possible to become Intern IV, but it will be difficult to achieve that this year. Funny enough, I’m OK with it.

I had one of those moments today were I stopped in the middle of a line of code and said to myself “Holy crap. I’m in the games industry. I’m getting paid to make games. I had only dreamed of doing this a few years ago. I’m moving up, doing what I love, and having a blast.” A surreal and amazing moment indeed.


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