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Had to present the delivery I made last week to the rest of the office today.  While I strongly support the deliverable, our presentation left a lot to be desired.  However, I feel that passing on the key points of the presentation are a good idea.

What went right: we tore up the user stories.  We hit pretty much every milestone with room to spare and didn’t really have to scramble to get our sprints finished on time.  Despite all of the interruptions that cropped up during development, we still delivered on time with some bits of fluff and padding to spare.

What went wrong: I consistently doubted the abilities and habits of the engineer who had worked on the project before me.  This meant that I frequently had to ask him stupid questions that were resolved with a single line of code, taking away valuable time from him.  Also, other projects kept getting in the way of our sprint.  Although we were able to still deliver with these interruptions, the other projects certainly didn’t help our development cycle and tended to distract our team.

Lessons learned: use the tools at hand to their greatest extent before bugging other people.  Use Command-F, use the debugger, use the internet.  Exhaust your resources before you call in other people to help mitigate your issues.


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