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How A Game Gets Made

I found this article on Gamasutra’s news page and it’s a pretty good article.  After reading through I was blown away at what it takes.  I knew it was a pretty epic undertaking but it’s amazing to see that so many people from such disparate fields come together to get it done.  It’s actually amazing to think that a lot of companies are able to do this in two years.  Funny how I used to think that a two year dev schedule was really long, it seems now like two years in the absolute fastest that a quality game can be developed.



  1. Great find! It’s on my reading list 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great time in Florida. A word of advice – don’t overdo it on the energy drinks if they keep a good supply of those in the fridge. You’re stomach will hate you for it later. Enjoy the denser air.

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted June 9, 2009 at 17:10
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    ZGG has been amazing. The people are really cool, the work is engaging, and the work environment is very laid back but productive. What really sucks here though is Florida. The humidity is awful. There is little escaping it. ZGG would be amazing to continue working for if they weren’t located in fing Florida. As far as energy drinks go, they don’t have anything too deadly. However, I have doubled my coffee intake in the mornings…sign of things to come? Thanks for the heads up! What’s up in Colorado IGDA? There have been very few discussion list posts over the last several weeks.

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