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I arrived in Florida on Thursday after a 3 hour flight that went quite smoothly. Flying out left me without a car, so I begged an old high school friend to pick me up. So he picked me up from the airport and we started driving, quickly realizing that neither of us knew the address of my residence. So we spent a good hour or two driving around Orlando looking for a WiFi hotspot so I could look up the address and directions on my iPod Touch.

So I’m mostly moved in at this point, I will be posting pics as soon as I get my camera charger. I have a mattress on the ground, a table and chair from Walmart and my luggage in a corner and that’s it.

Anyway, on to content: I don’t start work officially until Monday but I decided to go in on Friday to meet everyone and to get paperwork out of the way.

Everyone was pretty awesome. Some of them were less sociable and receptive than others, but I wasn’t expecting hugs and a party anyway.

Shortly after my arrival and introduction we all went out to lunch and the hazing and initiation began. Dustin Clingman, my boss and co-owner of the company, tells me that I will consume a chip with a single drop of a special hot sauce. This hotsauce (the name of which escapes me at this time) registers at 1.5 million scouvilles — pretty hot.

So I ate it. It was pretty bad. Let’s leave it at that.

As for the people there are many people at the office, most of which I have not met to any functional capacity. Chris Oltyan and Dustin Clingman are the two head hanchos that I report to and they are both pretty awesome.

First piece of knowledge I learned at ZG was for iPhone programming: project names with spaces or other non-alphanumeric characters will fail using any calls to NSBundle. Instead, you need to go into your Target’s settings and change the Product Name field to something without spaces or weird characters. This will change the path that the os uses as well as any plist or setting that uses the Product tag. Of you still need the offending characters in your app’s name, go into the Info.plist file and change the “Bundle Indentifier Name” field. Enjoy!

Anyway, I’m a little unsure what I’ll be doing and will be bound by NDA but I will relay as much of my experiences as I can. Keep in there.


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