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I’ve been trying to pull my portfolio together and I realize that I haven’t done a game review in a long time.  LBP slipped through the cracks a little while ago, so now’s the time:


Platform: PS3    Rating: E    Genre: Adventure/Platformer

What it is:

Imaginative, hilarious, and lots of fun.  The premise of LBP is strange to say the least, but it lends infinite possibilities to the world that is presented in the game.  Players jump, swing, and launch around beautifully crafted levels with stunning visuals and constantly interesting and challenging obstacles.  Races, ascensions, puzzles, collectables, LittleBigPlanet has got it all.

What it isn’t:

Lengthy, solitary, or boring.  The main set of levels felt a little short.  The levels were, however, absolutely amazing, to say the least.  LittleBigPlanet is fun to play on your own, but it’s a riot with other people.  The social aspect of it is frankly one of the best parts of the game, including the online world building and cooperative stylings.  There’s rarely a dull moment in LBP and levels are varied and unique enough to warrant multiple play-throughs, allowing for lots of replay value and extra collectables.


Tons of fun with multiple players, customizable characters, world-building tools, a strong online community, expertly crafted levels and visuals, compelling collectables and extras, hilarious premise and interesting world, intuitive controls, and a bonus moral at the end of the game :).


The points system used in the game seems somewhat unnecessary.  It detracts from the cooperative feel of the game as players vie to collect the most bubbles.  Other than that, nothing else really stands out.


– Highly Recommended:

Get some friends together and play.  LittleBigPlanet is lots of fun and is a great party game!



  1. Kyle,

    How do you see LBP as a tool for creating and sharing level designs? What can you learn about game design from playing other people’s games and creating your own? How might you, say, apply your skills from LBP to iPhone game development?

    -Devin Monnens

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted May 13, 2009 at 23:00
    • Permalink

    The levels designed by the majority of the community players were simple, short, and had only one or two interesting pieces. In general though, the idea of giving world building components to the community is a great idea, especially when multiple players can build these worlds cooperatively.

    As far as learning from other people’s levels: it’s great to be able to go in and see what non-professionals make. Not only because it shows some interesting quirks of the author, but it also shows the enormous gap in quality that really defines the pros from the joes. That gap gives an appreciation of the time and effort put into these levels and games in general.

    Parallels for iPhone development? Hmm, that’s a hard one. Perhaps just the idea of open content creation is something that could be added to iPhone applications as a strong community draw. Especially with the iPhone’s ease of use player built environments could be very accessible and fun to create.

    • Max Esayev
    • Posted May 19, 2009 at 16:59
    • Permalink

    I think the level developing community has really grown since you’ve last played. There are some superb levels out there these days, really impressive stuff that rivals even the stock levels.
    They also added a selection of community tools that really helps pick out the better levels to play, or find levels with a desired theme or feature. Really good stuff, can’t wait to see what they do with it next.

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