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Well, poo.  This project has taken a lot more effort than I had originally imagined.  Object rotation took over a week to get working and it’s still not fool proof.  SAT will take even longer, and I don’t have that kind of time.  I’m dropping the Maze project until this summer.

As for VA 306, I will be working on a Matrix TTRPG that has been in need of polish and new playtests for quite some time.  I’m hoping that Dr. Monnens will let me switch considering the ridiculous scope of my previously-chosen project.


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  1. Yeah, coding can be a pain. That’s why the objective is to use something empowering and easy to use! Though with your internship, you might not have time to work on the iPhone game (that and those annoying NDA agreements you have to sign – make sure you ask some good questions about those so they can’t claim anything you’re working on!).

    Also check out that article on building an RPG in Python in 40 hours:

    -Devin Monnens

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