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That’s right, the end of the semester is rapidly approaching.  For the last few weeks of class we are supposed to pick a personal project that we want to do and run with it.  I have a few ideas for this one.  I already told Prof. Monnens I was going to do one of these, but I am still deciding.  Here are the possibilities:

  • A maze game for the iPhone
  • Help Tim with Mass Effect TTRPG
  • Realistic space combat game
  • 4x TBS game that I have been working on in the past
  • The Speciation Sim outlined in ‘Life, advanced’ below.

I’m probably going to do either the maze game or help Tim.  Both of these are relatively simple and would fit within the purview of the class.  I may just assign them percentage values and roll a d100 like a good nerd.  I’ll be sure to post what I decide and how I got there.  Peace.

EDIT:  I have opened it up to a poll.  I will be deciding shortly, so get your votes in now!



  1. Kyle,

    I would suggest doing the game you feel most strongly about and that best meets your goals. Helping Tim would give you more experience with group development. The iPhone game would turn into a salable product. You also have until May 13 when we submit portfolios (not that you can’t continue working on games after this).

    -Devin Monnens

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted April 28, 2009 at 21:04
    • Permalink

    I figured I’d attempt to engage my reader, but I’ve decided which project I’m going to pursue anyway. I do plan to continue development after class and over the summer, so this should be a nice starting point.

    • Max Esayev
    • Posted May 1, 2009 at 11:09
    • Permalink

    Yay! It’s one of the first rules of journalism. Pretend that you’re including the reader, but really just do what’s best!

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