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This was a strange turn of events.  The game I came up with for this challenge was poor, to say the least.  After several iterations, I finally decided to throw the whole concept out because it was ineffective at getting my desired messages across: the importance of trade and the waste that could save others.

So, Prof. Monnens, myself, and a few other VA 306 students sat down and thought out a simple way to convey these message with the resources we had on hand.  What we came up with was a surprisingly entertaining and effective card game.


3-8 players

Low complexity

Players are attempting to collect as many four-of-a-kind “pots” as possible.  This game is played with a standard deck of playing cards.  Each player is dealt five cards and play starts with whomever you agree upon.  On their turn, a player can do one of three things:

  1. Trade cards with another player.
  2. Draw a new card from the deck.
  3. Attack a player to attain a named card (suit is not needed).

“Combat” is resolved in a simple rock-paper-scissors style where:

  • Club – BEATS: Spade                          BEAT BY: Heart, Diamond
  • Spade – BEATS: Heart                        BEAT BY: Club, Diamond
  • Diamond – BEATS: Club, Spade        BEAT BY: Heart
  • Heart – BEATS: Club, Diamond       BEAT BY: Spade

IF the “attacker” wins, they keeps the cards that were used to fight them and one of the desired cards in given to the attacker.  The attackers turn is over.

IF the “defender” wins, the defender keeps both cards.  The attacker may continue to push the attack until they give up or they win.

IF the two cards are a tie, they are kept as stakes and the battle is attempted again.

Any rules that are specified here are open to interpretation.  On that note, a funny variation of the game is played by excluding one (or two) random card(s), just to watch the hilarity ensue as a player attempts to evict the non-existent card from some innocent player.  Hyenjoy!


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