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Little late in the week, I meant to post on Friday but that didn’t happen.  Anyway, my ideas for the April Fool’s Day challenge have been sitting on the back burner for most of the break so this is what I’ve got:

For the original games I have two ideas, one of which would take some serious doing, so I’m probably going to go for the easier one (for now).  The easy idea is a prank version of a quiz game, basically asking players what the best move would be on a given pranking situation and award them spaces on a board for correct answers.  The difficult one is a prank version of something like Mouse Trap where the players would move around the board in order to build an elaborate, possibly mechanical, prank that would be set off or reviewed at the end.

As for the revisions, I’m torn between doing the Game of Progress and the Business Venture card game.  I really like both of them so I may have to flip a coin or something if I don’t decide to do a new game.

I’m probably going for the revision, mostly because I don’t feel that my ideas for the new games are solid enough to make really interesting games right off the bat and the games I want to revise have a lot of potential.  With that in mind, I’m off to lay out these options and start getting into the guts of the process.  More later.


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