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This next challenge is designed with the idea that we are supposed to present a theme and message through gameplay, rules, art, etc. using whatever theme and message we choose.  I’m excited about this one!  This is the culmination of the work we have been doing in this class up ’till now.  With that in mind, I’m full of ideas for this one; I almost have too many ideas, but I’ll try to put them all down as best I can.

Here are some of the ideas and messages I would like to convey in this game design.

  • Evolution (how it’s logical) and the idiocy of Intelligent Design/Creationism.
  • The solution for world peace (yeah, that’s right.  I think I have it.)
  • The fall of America and the murder of our fore father’s dreams.
  • Evolution (how it works, not just how it’s logical).
  • The scientific method vs. faith and ignorance (tough one).

I seriously intend on using the Grow A Game Cards for this one at some stage in it’s development.  I think they, at the very least, help to re-examine games in a different way, which can be very helpful in understanding what message was actually communicated vs. what message was intended.  Stay tuned.


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