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I have only one idea for this challenge so far:

A chutes and ladders style game using sections of the board that can be rotated individually.  Players would start out on a certain color space and have to move to the other similarly colored space on the board.  Certain spots on the board would cause different sections of the board to be rotated, changing the path to the end.  I think this idea will work quite well, but it’s going to be a pain in the ass to prototype.  The board will be quite complex and will take a significant amount of time to design, produce, and test.  But, it’s all I have so far.  Let you know how it goes.


One Comment

  1. Kyle,

    Remember that the prototype doesn’t have to be complex. The simpler the prototype, the easier it is to test the game and get an idea as to whether or not your ideas are working.

    Biggerism and feature creep are evil.

    Simple is good.

    Devin Monnens

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