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Alright, so a few days after getting KZ2 and spending some time online doing multiplayer, many things have jumped out that really need revision. I realize I’m mostly preaching to the chior, but that faint hope of some Guerilla employee stumbling across this and making the case to higher-ups to make these changes forces me to publish these complaints.

KZ2 online play is about as frustrating as possible. There are few feelings of accomplishment flanked on all sides by frustration and failure. There are many aspects of the online play are diculously broken, making lower-level players fodder and setting them up for instantaneous death. Here are several things I have identified that require balancing, removal, or change:

  • The shotgun is amazing. Single shot close range, 2-3 shots medium range, large ammo cap. Very unbalanced. This should be brought down to 2 shots close range, 1 shot point blank, and then rapid falloff at longer ranges.
  • Some weapons are totally useless. The Helghast assault-rifle, ISA LMG, and the magnum are useless in comparison to their counterparts, and no one uses them because of this. Some incentive to use these weapons should be considered.
  • Pistols are very underpowered. I realize they are supposed to be last resort weapons, but they barely do any damage at all and hold a tiny amount of ammo at a time. This is true for single player as well. The magnum should be a force to be feared.
  • Non-headshots. Enemy players can take half a clip of AR ammo before dying, and with the abysmal accuracy decrease for auto-fire, this means that you have enough ammo in one clip to kill maybe 2 enemies per clip at most. Headshots kill in one hit, but the lag of detection is awful, allowing for a kill-swap nearly every time.
  • The Saboteur’s disguise ability is WAY too powerful. Their appearance changes to match your team, they have a friendly name tag, and when they attack it does not spoil their disguise. This allows most Saboteurs to mow down half your team before someone figures it out.
  • Medics are underpowered, granted they get points for bringing people back up. Medics have a very restricted weapon list (only ARs, which suck BTW) and their zapper takes forever to recharge. Basically, you’ll have time to res one person before being taken down because switching to the zapper, resing, and then switching back takes so much time that you’re guaranteed to be mowed down by a guy with a shotgun. Some better incentive to be a Medic (such as even more points for resing), or a faster recharge rate for the zapper would help to encourage players to play as Medics.
  • The lag for headshots, grenade detonations, and death recognition in general is downright embarrassing. A grenade will go off and half a second later, after the player has moved several yards away, they will fly to the ground dead. I’m not sure what is causing this, but it’s quite jarring and looks very unpolished.

There are a few more I’m probably missing, I’ll be sure to add them when I remember. What’s weird is a lot of the reviews I have read for KZ2 touted the multiplayer as a golden piece of the game. G4 (I know, not a good source) said that the multiplayer is what convinced them to give KZ2 a 5/5.

I’m disappointed. I think with some tweaks and balancing, KZ2 multiplayer could be awesome. But currently it’s a pile of frustration.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the game is downright amazing. The singleplayer is more than worth the game on it’s own, and if you like instant death and unbalanced gameplay, the multiplayer will make this the best game of all time. Anyway, the multiplayer is seriously broken. The above fixes would really move it toward the balanced end of the spectrum and would make the experience that much better.


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