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I think the nation card game went really well.  I think one more set of Objective cards would move the game along a bit better as well as a few more Economic cards, but overall I think the balance was good, the choices were meaningful, and it told the tale of international relations rather well.  Score one for me :).  That puts us at Me-3 Games-1, if you’re keeping score.

If anyone is interested in trying this out, leave a comment about it and I’ll leave more details about the cards.  But if no one responds, I’m not going to bother yet.  Maybe later.

Also, a few minor changes:  players can opt to simply draw a Resource card during their turn instead of having to risk an Economic card or skipping their turn entirely.  Trade-ins for Resource cards can take place at any time during a player’s turn.  Players are no longer restricted to draw OR negotiate, they may draw and negotiate in the same turn.


One Comment

  1. Kyle,

    I think I gave you guys a bunch of feedback in class on Neumann’s game theory stuff. Neumann is good as long as you apply him kind of broadly and abstractly.

    Remember too that you can still go back for revenge on that ‘Games: 1’ to steal that point back from them. *hint, hint*

    Devin Monnens

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