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Yet another long-awaited sequel FPS, Killzone 2 is a stunning jewel in a sea of mediocre releases. There has been some controversy concerning Killzone 2, the PS3, and Xbox360 fanatics. Here’s something to look into: Adam Sessler On PS3 vs. 360

Killzone 2

Platform: PS3 Rating: M Genre: FPS

What it is:

Gorgeous, engaging, and very well built. Next generation graphics on the PS3s amazing hardware make Killzone 2 a jaw dropper when it comes to visual quality, even on my shitty 30” SD TV. The first bout of combat in Killzone 2 hooked me: it was really a battlefield. Scores of enemies, all using cover intelligently, tossing grenades to flush me out of cover and attempting to flank at every opportunity kept me on my toes throughout. The level design is tight and succinct, the AI is top notch, and each location and item is unique and interesting, presenting it’s own microcosm with just a glance.

What it isn’t:

Run-and-gun, tight, or boring. Gone are the days of Halo where cover is just a convenience. In Killzone 2, you HAVE to stop, take cover, and aim to accomplish anything. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I really enjoy it), but many FPS players will be forced to change their play style in order to accommodate this change. Unfortunately, the controls feel a little sloppy; camera motion is slow and unintuitive. There are few breaks in Killzone 2, so combat fatigue was an issue. However, an hour or two of homework and I was ready and raring.


Gorgeous graphics, awesome gameplay, interesting story and characterization, unique weaponry, and sprawling environments. Killzone 2 is just begging for Game Of The Year!


Online multiplayer can be somewhat frustrating. The controls are slightly sloppy, but I’m just nit-picking now. There really aren’t any bad marks I can think of.



If you don’t have a PS3, maybe now’s the time to get one :P. Or go check out Killzone 2 on a friend’s PS3. Yeah, it’s that good.



    • Max Esayev
    • Posted March 3, 2009 at 15:28
    • Permalink

    Nice Review Kyle. I like the format that you’ve adopted for your reviews, it’s really straight-forward and easy to follow.
    Some extra points: You’re right, the controls are sloppy, especially in multiplayer. I think this due to the 30 fps rate. I guess those pretty visuals come with a price…
    I think they could have toned down the graphics in online matches to bring up the fps a bit, but that’s just me.

    • Max Esayev
    • Posted March 3, 2009 at 15:29
    • Permalink

    Oh, and be careful mentioning Adam Sessler. I think he’s a swell guy, but G4 isn’t very well respected as a journalistic source.

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted March 4, 2009 at 01:02
    • Permalink

    Perhaps you are right about the framerate stuff, but I think it’s because of how camera motion was implemented: it is camera acceleration instead of camera movement. CoD4 had camera movement, meaning the camera instantly moves at a fixed speed when the joystick is oriented all the way in one direction. Killzone 2 has camera acceleration, meaning the camera picks up speed and finally reaches a fixed speed after a moment when the joystick is oriented all the way. This distinction makes fine adjustments very difficult in KZ2 and makes overall movement feel sloppy and error prone. A poor design choice I think, but I would bet they made this decision with purpose.

    As far as Adam Sessler is concerned: I just thought the clip was funny. Thanks for the heads up about G4’s standings. I never would have guess that the industry doesn’t really like them. So, the clip was more for giggles than any kind of real reporting but I will be sure to keep that in mind should I find any more serious information from G4.

    Thanks for the comment, Max! I’m glad to see I still have a few people involved!

  1. Yeah, G4 sucks. There’s nothing good on that channel anymore. I remember back when it was TechTV and they actually had cool stuff like Jay(?) and Leo on Screen Savers. Now it’s just become degraded.

    Your talk about so many characters in KZ2 makes me very interested. I remember seeing the trailers for Resistance 1 and how their depictions of dozens of soldiers running across the field didn’t seem to be any part of the main gameplay. There really needs to be a game that fills that whole melee/massive battlefield experience, so I’m pretty interested in KZ2 now!

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted March 4, 2009 at 14:43
    • Permalink

    Yeah, KZ2 is epic in the sense that there are literally 20-30 enemies and 10-15 allies on the battlefield all at one time. Plus, the AI for both sides is top-notch, throwing grenades and blind-firing makes it an amazingly deep warzone experience. Like I said in the review, the first glimpse of battle drew me in thanks to the above and how awesome and epic it felt.

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