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It’s pretty late to be posting this now, but I’ve been working pretty hard on this one.  As expected, this challenge is pretty difficult.  This late in development I have already culled out two other ideas that I really didn’t like, so I’m not even going to bother posting them.  The idea I *am* rolling with is something of a nation card game.

There are four different stacks of cards: Resources, Objectives, Economics, and Military.  At the beginning of the game, players draw one Resource card and two Military cards.  On their turn, the player may draw an Economics card, interact with another player, or chose to skip their turn.  The player with the highest number on their starting Resource card goes first.  In the event of a tie, work it out among you.

The goal of the game is to collect three of the same Objective cards.  This can be achieved by any of the following means: players trading Objective cards, players trading Resource cards for Objective cards, using Military cards to overpower another player and take their Objective card by force, by trading in Resource cards, or by drawing the appropriate Economic card.

Resource cards can be traded in on a player’s turn for three purposes: two Resource cards allows the player to draw an extra Economic card, no matter what their turn was used for prior to the trade-in; two Resource cards for one Military card; or five Resource cards to automatically draw one Objective card.

Should a player decide to take military action, combat progresses in Rock-Paper-Scissors fashion with both players placing cards at the same time, face up so everyone can see.  The progression is as such: Navy beats Army, Army beats Air Force, Air Force beats Navy (don’t read *too* much into this…).  When one card beats another, the beaten card is discarded and the winning card is returned to the owner’s hand.  In the event of a tie, both cards are returned to their owner’s hand.  If the attacking player still has Military cards when the defending player runs out, the attacking player may take two cards at random from the losing player.  If the defending player still has Military cards when the attacking player runs out, the defending player may take one card at random from the losing player.  In the case of a stalemate, each player chooses one card at random from the other player.

This game is designed for 4-8 players with moderate complexity and a play time of 20-40 minutes.

This game shows the interaction of national powers, and shows that trading should be the preferable option.  Admittedly, it is not always the best or easiest option, but it should always be considered.

It would be interesting to see how griefers would fare in this during playtests.  If I am involved, I think I may attempt this and see how well it works out.


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