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I’ve been inspired for at least three new iPhone game ideas:

A “Rogue-like” RPG with increased flexibility, decent input protocols, and some increased complexity and crazy stuff.

A board game-style card game.

A puzzle game using the iPhone’s unique input capabilities.

More on these when I decide to flesh them out.  I’ve started on design docs for the first two, which will take me a while for fleshing and mock-ups and whatnot.  I’ll be sure to post them when I’ve gotten far enough into the projects to not worry about someone stealing my ideas.  Until then, peace!



  1. Kyle,

    Remember you can use an iPhone game for this class, too. If you’re concerned with somebody taking the idea, let me know, and we can arrange something for getting user feedback, etc.

    Devin Monnens

    • Roucis Kyle
    • Posted March 4, 2009 at 14:45
    • Permalink

    Well, I’m less concerned about the people in class taking my ideas and more concerned about the world as a whole. I’ve always been a little paranoid when it comes to sensitive information on a public publication. I hope to do at least something on the iPhone for this class, but I haven’t really pinned down what.

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