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For this challenge we are to make a game that tells a narrative/story/moral through the rules or how the game is played.

Something similar to the messages in Monopoly, Life, or Jenga.

Monopoly shows that small businesses can be easily conquered by larger, more entrenched businesses

Life shows the winding path of life, peppered with strange and interesting events, but everyone ends up in the same place.

And Jenga shows that building on a weak infrastructure will eventually cause everything to fall apart.

So something like that: something that conveys deeper meaning through it’s gameplay and mechanics.  This one is probably going to be pretty tough, but we don’t have class on Wednesday, so I have a full week to work on this sucker.  I’ll be posting my themes and game ideas soon.

I’d like to thank my readers, mostly ’cause I can.  I’ve seen that there have been a handful of quite faithful readers, and that means a lot to me.  So, a salute to all you.


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