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I’ve been sitting in front of my computer trying to get some work done and have run into serious writer’s block.  So, I decided to give my hand at game reviews.  The first one on the chopping block is

Resistance 2

Platform: PS3      Rating: M    Genre: FPS

What it is:

Competent and epic.  Resistance 2 is certainly a highly polished, well rounded shooter with balanced weapons, vicious enemies, and unique characters and locations.


What it isn’t:

Friendly, easy, or forgiving.  There were many occasions in Resistance 2 that had me pulling my hair out from the frustrating impossibility of the situation.  For example, fighting off three Titans (giant monsters with tank cannons) with little cover and almost no ammo.



Resistance 2 has a strong history on the PS3, Resistance 1 being one of it’s first games.  Two has upped the ante on graphics to say the least (then again, it’s a next-gen game, so no surprise there).  Resistance 2 also has many of the same driving factors that 1 did: unique weapons, aggressive AI, sprawling combat areas, and gorgeous scenery.  Another plus in my opinion is the complete omission of vehicle sections in Resistance 2, which were fun in the original but became tedious and frustrating after a short while.



Resistance 2 seemed to lack a plot almost entirely.  Something about one dude doing something and then I have to jump in and save the day, or something.  It is also relentless.  Two’s pacing is all sorts of screwed up.  At the end of each level there is a (maybe) three to four minute cutscene and then you’re back into the thick of things.  Even when things look quiet and slow, they never last for very long. Finally, the AI only targets you, and unleashes an entire wall of ammo in your direction the second you leave cover.  So while, yes, this forces the player to use cover more tactically and capitalize on the unique capabilities of the weapons they have, it’s still quite frustrating to have an enemy bullrush your position (walking right past all of your allies) only to knock you out of cover.



– Recommended:

If you have a PS3, check out Resistance 2.  If you don’t own one, this is not the game that will make you need one.


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